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About Linde Linde Gas Försäljningsställe Sundqvist i Arvidsjaur AB

We offer a wide selection of high-quality industrial gases, including argon, acetylene, oxygen, propane, helium, also food grade gases, specialty gases and refrigerants. Our experienced experts provide you advice and technical support to ensure the right choice of gases and equipment for cutting, welding, or other applications.
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Gases and equipment

  • Industrial gases

    Discover Linde's industrial gases. Click here to experience the difference in every molecule.
  • Propane

    Ignite innovation with Linde's premium propane solutions. Unleash the power of progress.
  • Gas equipment

    Gear up for success with Linde's state-of-the-art industrial equipment. Explore our range and elevate your operations today.

It's easy to place and re-order with the Linde Shop mobil app

With Linde Shop app you can order gases anywhere, anywhere. Featuring the ability to stay logged in, re-order in just a few clicks, create order templates, and download invoices and delivery notes eaily and conveniently.

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